Researchers working with the IITA-CWMP have published a chapter in one of a series of books published by Burleigh Dodds Publishing. The researchers — Dr. Stefan Hauser, IITA Senior Systems Agronomist; and Prof. Friday Ekeleme, Principal Investigator, IITA-CWMP—extensively discussed the effects of weeds on cassava cropping systems, farmers’ perception of the importance of weed control, and the control methods used in different cropping systems.
The book chapter focused primarily on weed control in cassava cropping systems in Africa but also drew inferences from other continents such as Asia and Latin America.
The book titled: “Achieving Sustainable Cultivation of Cassava. Volume 2: Genetics, Breeding, Pests and Diseases” is edited by Clair Hershey, a former scientist with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Colombia.

For a personal copy of the book chapter and further information, please contact: Dr. Stefan Hauser, [email protected]