Godwin Atser, Communication & Knowledge Exchange Expert, (left) training farmers on the field on best weed control practices in cassava cropping systems. The ongoing farmers’ field days being conducted by IITA-CWMP have continued
to attract massive turnout of farmers across states in Nigeria.
The healthy cassava plants coupled with clean fields have kept thousands of farmers in awe as many keep wondering the science behind the weed control. In Iwerele Local Government, more than a hundred farmers defied early morning rains
to participate in the farmers’ field day. Large turnout has also been reported in Abia, Benue, and Ogun state with 2650 farmers reached so far. A target of 10,000 is planned to be reached via farmers’ field days for 2017.
Among participants attending the farmers’ field days were men and women, youth, religious leaders, and other local leaders at the community level. During the field days, farmers were given the opportunity to assess the plots and
to express their willingness to adopt the technology.
Farmer Mathew Oloye said the field day had brought IITA’s research closer to the people. “Before now, I used to receive your (IITA) journal papers but I later found they were of no use to me. I find more value in what you are doing in the field now. With this, IITA will make more impact,” he said.
The farmers’ field days also provide opportunity for researchers to explain the research process to farmers.
Across the different states, the Communication Focal Persons with partners from the state Agricultural Development
programs and nongovernmental organisations—KOLPING in Abia, JDPM Oyo, and JDPM Abeokuta facilitated the organisation and coordination of the field days.
Godwin Atser, Communication & Knowledge Exchange Expert, commended the implementation of the field days.