How to use the IITA Herbicide Calculator:

  1. Enter the Dosage of the Herbicide to be sprayed in Liter per Hectare as recommended on the herbicide label
  2. Enter the Volume of Water dispensed on 10m x 10m plot. To get the Volume of Water sprayed on a 10m x 10m plot:
  1. Measure a plot of 10m x 10m =100m2
  2. Fill water in your knapsack spray tank and spray the measured area normally on a straight path with the nozzle height at your knee level.
  3. Enter the Volume of Water dispensed from your knapsack spray tank on the 10m x 10m plot.
  1. Enter the Capacity of your knapsack spray tank in Liters.
  2. Press Calculate Volume to get the exact dosage of the herbicide that should be added into your knapsack spray tank before filling the tank with water for spraying.